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The Ivermectin Double Cross



By: Amandha Dawn Vollmer

It’s like sprinkles, but from the Government!

Since 1998, I have been studying and experiencing in various manners the nature doctor path. I bloomed into visual arts as a child. I was a writer. I danced. Then my calling came. First, I began with the study of animals, then of plants and man. In nature and in the lab. Then chemical and mathematical, which taught me the natural methods of synergy and helped me train my pattern recognition. Then 15 years of clinical experience, designing medicine, and authoring a book (as a single parent). 11 years as an entrepreneur and ongoing. I had many years of studying my inner world. I trained in many disciplines. Red flags jump out at me. The Ivermectin double-cross story was simple for me to spot soon into it, akin to the plandemic on day one.

What is the double-cross? You can watch a video of me explaining how the slave manipulators pull off the double-cross. They know we are going to figure some things out about their agenda, but they have traps for us every step of the way. They were very well aware there would be those of us able to see through their overt cons, but they planned otherwise for us. Hold back the candy for long enough, the child will want it. Make it look like they are suppressing a “cure” for a disease (one that doesn’t even exist, for a more modern example) and those clever monkeys are going to start going bananas over it. They know how to manipulate a rebel mind. This is why there are so many gatekeepers and controlled opposition. The plan is to give you enough to think you know what’s going on, hoping you will stop your searching there, as they play the law of averages knowing that most people will stay trapped in a narrative they tailored all along.

You can like and do whatever you wish, of course. I am presenting an educated perspective other than the one you may have been listening to. I place ivermectin in the same arena as I do antibiotics. These are things that are designed to kill some sort of life inside of us. Mankind is always so heavy-handed with chemicals! Why must everything be bombed and eradicated? Obliterated?

The Real Cause of Polio

Has anyone ever stopped to ask what all these drug residues from stool may do once they hit our rivers and lakes; once they are in our wildlife? Antibiotics cause water and soil contamination. Does IvermectinIndeed, it does. The residue can kill insects, too. Also, it was found ivermectin breakdown takes months in cold weather, but faster (2 weeks) in hot weather. What happens when more and more people take this drug, believing it to be some sort of miracle?

A major mistake in our understanding is we don’t realize that what we are calling parasite infections are all indicators, telling us something important about the health of our entire organism: the frequencies and signals it puts off. Calling out for a need to be met.

The controllers of “scienceTM” have no desire to fund such studies to test if our own signals call to us these situations so that we can metabolize something synthetic or express something emotionally (release) that has happened to us from our exposures and unfit habits. We look at these situations as if unwanted, rather than understand that they actually have a purpose, one that is meant for your ultimate benefit.

This understanding completely accepts the benevolence of the intent of our body’s healing elegance and completely flips the picture about how we are in constant communication with our surroundings in a non-material manner, one that we have barely been allowed to explore (controlled knowledge). It alters our thinking about the world, as well as, places responsibility firmly in our own laps.

A true Nature Doctor

I understand that once meddled, usually always meddled, and there will be situations of the drug leading to a dependency on it, so those people will use it for life. Those who are talked into chemo can use it alongside their treatments and, if lucky, score a few extra months or years of life with their cancer suppression. I also understand there can be metabolic problems with parasites, almost akin to an allergy, that is when there is a signaling of a “spill on aisle 4” that it is not handling the clean up so well with limited energetic resources to do so.

This is foundationally a problem of detox and if that were addressed, their symptoms would subside, and they would be metabolizing the parasitic wastes well (which are eating their highly toxic stores that have yet been able to be metabolized by anything else in the body). Primarily, the detox correction would be made with supplementation, while food and other lifestyle changes are being sorted out over time, and to build up reserves from depletion, unblock the meridians to prioritize proper cleansing. I have helped thousands of people successfully work with this method.

Electrical man.

There are many environmental toxins that can accumulate in the human body and these are just a small few:

Lead: Found in old paint, contaminated soil, and drinking water.

Mercury: Found in seafood, dental fillings, and certain industrial processes.

Cadmium: Found in batteries, pigments, and some types of soil.

Arsenic: Found in water, soil, and some foods, found in old lace and some textiles.

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs): These are synthetic chemicals that were once widely used in electrical equipment and are now banned in many countries.

Dioxins: Toxic byproducts of some industrial processes, such as waste incineration and pesticide manufacturing.

Pesticides/Herbicides: Can accumulate in food and water, and damage soils.

Bisphenol A (BPA): Used in the production of certain plastics and resins and can leach into food and drinks stored in these materials.

Phthalates: Chemicals used in the production of plastics and personal care products, and can disrupt hormones and cause other health problems.

Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs): These are synthetic “forever” chemicals used in nonstick cookware, waterproof clothing, and fire-fighting foam, and are persistent in the environment and can accumulate in the body.

Studies have found that parasites like tapeworms can accumulate high levels of lead, cadmium, and mercury, in higher concentrations than their hosts can, indicating that they are capable of absorbing and retaining these toxic substances from their hosts. When you kill these creatures, the body reabsorbs the wastes back into the tissues. We do a disservice to ourselves to go on a killing spree inside of our bodies at the expense of the terrain.

I suppose there will be no vegans taking ivermectin then since that philosophy is all about the preservation and respect of all sentient living things. Here is another problem you may wish to avoid that can happen when you come in, guns a-blazin’:

Ivermectin exerts a strong microfilaricidal effect on filariae, leading to a destruction of mf within one week after treatment. In subjects infected with Onchocerca volvulus, the destruction of mf in the skin is associated with inflammatory processes leading to the so-called Mazzotti reaction. In those infected with Lloathe drug probably induces a paralysis of the Lloa mf, which are then drained passively in the blood circulation. If the microfilarial density is high, the process can lead to an embolization of mf in the brain capillaries, to inflammatory reactions at the cerebral level, and to an encephalopathy.

There is a choice to chase out (not kill) parasites. MMS is excellent for that (I don’t see governments and huge industries handing CDS/MMS out like they do the anti-fertility ivermectin), DMSO and MSM together, as well, simple coffee enemas, correct pH, also, but we are aware when we cleanse them, you are now in charge of their job. You’d best know what you are going after and how. I like to simply start with a metals cleansing routine (various clays and minerals) a few times a year to prevent me from needing parasites to try and do the work for me.

What happens, if those wastes just stay within you? How could that affect your health? Longevity? What if you killed the parasites with ivermectin, what happens to your signaling and frequency from taking this drug? How does it affect your somatids? I’ve never seen such a safety study like that done. What happens when the drug weakens your kidneys (part of your “essence” in TCM describing energy flows in the body)? The kidney is where important energy emerges for many aspects of fertility. Are people taking the drug having their liver, heart, or kidney health monitored? Shouldn’t that be the responsibility of a doctor that is supposed to be specific in drug administration, as it is a drug that carries a heavy potential for side effects?

Are we really sure we haven’t been double-crossed on the ivermectin saga?


I hope this stimulates your thinking and assists your self-reflection productively.

Where we are heading leads to further ideas/thoughts/actions toward our relationship with water, aether, a clean pineal, using frequency to heal, advancement into sovereign thinking, and finding a harmonious collective that isn’t forced, natural law learned. The entire way we think about health is correcting itself.

Our better choices will disallow controllers to drug us and manipulate us. We will not be owned.

I surrender myself daily to The Unified Creator and offer this in service,

With love, Amandha

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